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Shop through Amazon Smile

You may shop to support the Chorale by designating it as your charity through Amazon’s Smile Program.

How to Shop through the Amazon Smile program:

Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization, each time you shop—at no cost to you! 

Simply go to this link: https://smile.amazon.com.  Once you are there, you will be asked to create an Amazon account.  You will also be asked to select a business name when you register, and you are asked to do this only once.  Our business name is “Springfield Chorale—a New Corp.”   Please specify this.  After you set up your account you will then be able to log in and use the link above to continue shopping anytime you would like to purchase through Amazon.  A portion of the purchase of select products will go towards helping the Chorale, so shopping through Amazon is a win-win for everyone.  Please look for qualifying products. You may use the icon below to register!

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Thank you and Happy shopping!