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The Chorale’s Inclement Weather Policy

1.) Inclement Weather Policy Causing
a Rehearsal Cancellation:

In the event of inclement weather, rehearsals will be cancelled if the Fairfax County Public School System (FCPS) cancels their evening activities. According to the FCPS, this would occur if school is closed for the day or if schools close two hours early. A decision to open the schools two hours late will not affect school evening activities including our rehearsals.

The FCPS inclement weather policy can be found at this link: http://www.fcps.edu/news/weather.htm.

The actual inclement weather decision on the school status will be announced over local radio and TV media and on the FCPS home webpage: http://www.fcps.edu/index.shtml.

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2.) Inclement Weather Policy Causing
a Concert Cancellation:

In the event of severe inclement weather, the director will notify key Chorale board members that a scheduled concert is cancelled. They in turn, will activate a phone tree to ensure all officers, board members, and section leaders are notified. A makeup date will be negotiated with the venue host, so that the concert can be rescheduled as soon as possible; for exmaple, the following weekend, if feasible.

Section leaders, assisted by board members as necessary, will notify the entire Chorale by email/telephone. Each Chorale member will be asked to notify those ticket holders to whom they gave or sold tickets. Additionally, a notice will be posted on the chorale’s website indicating the concert’s postponement. This notice will also include the tentative makeup date, time, and location as soon as they can be determined. The same cancellation and makeup notice will be recorded on the chorale’s telephone answering service. This information will be updated as the details of the makeup concert are finalized. Those who have purchased tickets for a scheduled concert but cannot attend the makeup concert, may either obtain a refund, or donate the cost of the tickets to the chorale.


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