Chorale Management

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Artistic Director: 
Robert S. Webb, Jr.


 Karen Randall

Accompanist Emeritus: 

Ray Freeman


Tobi Brock


Hubert Fry

Sharon Younger

John Rephlo

Board of Directors:

Clydette G. Lobred, Chair

Pam Appler
Robert B. Bell, Jr.
Susanne Cook
Mickey Fuson
John Rephlo
Dick Hamly
Robert S. Webb, Jr.*

(* denotes ex-officio member)

Chorale Section Leaders:

First soprano: Blanche Powell
Assistant Lead: Jessie Tannenbaum

Second soprano: Susanne L. Cook
Assistant Lead: Gloria Hamly

First alto: Sarah Bachmann
Assistant Lead: Kimberly Amenabar

Second alto: Kristine Auerswald
Assistant Lead: Barbara Fleming

Tenor: Mike Hoobchaak

Bass/Baritone: Robert B. Bell, Jr.
Assistant Lead: Paul Blase

Administrative Support Managers:

Advertising Manager: Jim Wakefield

Community Outreach Coordinator: Marge Jackman

Concert Manager: Oliver Easterwood

Database: Margaret Eccles

Dessert Reception Manager: Pam Appler

Dessert Reception Decorating Committee Chair: 
Anne Pasupulati

Fundraising Manager: Dick Hamly

Grants Manager: Robert B. Bell, Jr.

Historian: Tanya Hoffman

Librarian: Mickey Fuson

Publicity: Dennis Murphy

Publications Manager: Margaret Eccles

Telephone Monitor: Pam Appler

Ticket Management: Hubert Fry

Chorale Auxiliaries for
Ticket & Program Distribution:

Sue Bernstein, Doug Brisson, Anne Field, Judy Koucky,
Tom Lobred, Francis Raven, and Sue Wakefield

Website and Online Communications:

General Factotum:  Tom Lobred

Website Manager: Sharon Younger

Webmasters/Designers: Jackie Apel, Margaret Eccles

Social Media Coordinator: Jessie Tannenbaum

Facebook Coordinator: Kimberly Amenabar

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