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Chorale Fundraisers:


  No fundraisers are planned at this time.

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The Northern Virginia Chorale holds periodic fundraisers at area businesses.  Past Fundraisers have been held at Panera Bread, El Paso Mexican Restaurant, Barnes and Noble Bookstores, as well as Ledo Pizza and Malek’s Pizza Palace.  Fundraisers are a fun way to get to know fellow Chorale members and enjoy a meal or other shopping experience together, while also helping the Chorale!


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Thank you for your support!

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Singer’s Fundraisers:

Periodically, singers will provide ways to fundraise for the Chorale, through their own business endeavors. By supporting a Singer’s Fundraiser, you will help both the business, and a portion of the sale will also go to the Chorale.

Book by Dennis Murphy:  “Are You an Angel?”

IImage of "Are You and Angel" book by Dennis Murphy showing small boy in winter looking up to friend figure on purple background."f you purchase a signed copy of Are You an Angel? for the discounted price of $20, $15 of that will be donated to The Northern Virginia Chorale.

Are You an Angel?  is a story of hope.  As eight-year-old Jason Williams prepares to fly alone to New York to spend Christmas with his father, his nervous mother tells him that angels will protect him on his journey.  Bad weather diverts the plane, forcing Jason to find his way to New York alone.  Along the way he encounters the kindness of strangers – his “angels” – who teach both Jason and the reader valuable and heart-warming lessons of life.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, you may do so by contacting a member of the Chorale who you know, who will then pass the order on to Dennis along with your check. He will provide a receipt for the check and pass the book to your intermediary, who will in turn pass it on to you. Alternatively, you may send an email to Dennis at:, indicating your interest, and he will send you instructions on what to do next. 

Dennis will remit $14 to the Chorale on the sale of each hardback copy of his book, and $10 for each  paperback version sold. 



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