How to Purchase Advertising in our
Concert Programs:


Advertisment Easel

If you would like to purchase advertising space in our concert programs, please review our Deadline Guidelines and our two purchase options outlined below.
Following your initial submission, your advertisement will be scheduled to appear in our next three, consecutive concert programs.


NVC Program Cover images


We Offer the following four advertising options for our programs:

To view our current advertisers, please
 visit this page.



Full page ad icon showing a white page with figurative writing sitting on small easel with purple text

A Full Page Ad at 7″ by 4″ for $150

Purchase a Full Page Ad:

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Full page ad icon showing a white page with figurative purple writing sitting on an easel

A Cover Page Ad at 7″ by 4″ for $250
Your ad will appear in one of these locations:
Front, Inside Cover | Back Inside Cover | Back Cover

Purchase a Cover Page Ad:

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Half-page Ad icon in purple and white

A Half-Page Ad at 3″ by 4″ for $75

Purchase a Half-Page Ad:

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Business card icon in purple

Business Card Size for $45

Purchase a Business Card Size Ad:

How to Purchase and Place Your Ad:
There are two ways to place an advertisement in our NVC Concert Programs, which are outlined below:

Option A:

Purchase Your Ad via PayPal


1.) Purchase your ad online, using our PayPal payment buttons above featured
next to the ad choices.

2.) Next, follow the steps below to send your ad copy to us by email.

3.) Once you have made your advertisement size selection and payment
through PayPal, please send us an email with the following information about
your business, along with your ad copy and ad image:

Direct your request email to:

1.) In the
 Subject heading insert, “Request for an Advertisement.

Indicate the desired size of your advertisement from the four choices shown above: 
Full page, Front inside cover, Back inside, or Back cover, Half page, and/or Business Card size.

2.) Include a copy of the advertisement. 

Attach a digitally scanned graphic file of your advertisement in the following formats:

*The TIFF file is the preferred format, so that we can scale the ad to the desired page size
for our Concert Programs.

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Option B:

Purchase Your Ad Using our Printable

Tickets, Ads & Donations Form


You may also purchase your ad by downloading a copy of our printable form directly below.

Complete the form and return it by regular mail with your check made payable to the:
“Northern Virginia Chorale.”

* You may also submit your scanned ad image and text by email if you prefer, even when choosing the option to use our Tickets, Donations and Advertising printable form,
shown below:

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Tickets, Ads and Donations Downloadable PDF Form

NVC Tickets, Ads, and Donations Form 2023-’24

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Advertising Deadline Guidelines:


small purple double-note iconSmall purple single note 1.)  Your purchase for an advertisement should be submitted at least two weeks prior to an upcoming concert date, to be included in that concert’s program.

Small purple single note 2.) All advertisements will be included in three, consecutive concert programs, regardless of when they are submitted. For example, if you happen to miss the two-week deadline submission for an upcoming concert, your advertisement will appear in the following three concert programs that the Chorale performs.

Small purple single note 3.)  As a 501(c)(3) organization, we encourage you to save your email confirmation from this transaction, for your tax records.

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