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 Ticket Box Office

Support the Chorale by purchasing tickets to our concerts!

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Season Ticket Prices and Purchase Information:

Tickets will be available at the ticket prices shown below. Please read our instructions at the bottom of this page, if you have not previously purchased our downloadable tickets through PayPal.

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Tickets will be available later for the NVC May 2024
Spring Concert


 Advance Adult Ticket: $2

The Advance Adult ticket price is valid until the day of the concert. 
At that time, the Adult ticket price increases to $25
Tickets may still be purchased at the door at this price.

 Student Ticket: $1


The Student ticket price remains the same at the door. 
Student Tickets include ages 12-24

* Children under 12 attend for free

Full Season Concert Ticket: $50


The Full Season Concert ticket price remains the same throughout the Season.  This ticket is generally purchased in the fall, to attend all three of our yearly concerts, at a slightly reduced price.


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Ticket Purchase Instructions

We have Three Ways to Purchase Tickets:


A.) Purchase Tickets online, through PayPal:

Our online purchases are managed by PayPal. If you have a PayPal account you may purchase your tickets through the PayPal website, or use a credit or debit card to pay, instead of logging in.

* Please note:  Tickets of different types, Adult, Student, and Full Seasonmust be purchased individually, as separate PayPal transactions

We ask that you do this because users will be directed to download a Ticket PDF file from our website after each purchase, once their PayPal transaction is completed.  We can only provide one download at a time,  so we are asking that you please purchase each of your ticket types one at a time as separate transactions.  However, you may specify more than one ticket of each type in a given transaction.  Once redirected to the download page, please save the ticket PDF file to your computer and print as many as you have purchased for the given ticket type.  The Chorale will also hold tickets at the desk, the day of the concert.  Thank you for following these instructions.

Please follow these steps in making your purchases:

1.) Click the PayPal “Buy Now” button, next to the ticket category that you want to purchase. This will take you to the PayPal site, where you will log into your PayPal account, or use the Guest Checkout option.

2.) If you are buying more than one ticket of a specific type, please be sure to specify the number of tickets you are purchasing in the quantity box.

3.) Go to the payment screen.  Once your payment is completed, you will be taken to a transaction summary page.  Here you will look for the “Return to Merchant”  link at the bottom of the screen, and click on that link to return to our website, where you will then be able to download your PDF ticket file.

5.) Once you have reached the download page, you will see directions for downloading and saving the ticket to your computer.  Please save and reprint the ticket PDF file in accordance with the number of people who you have purchased tickets for, and bring the printed copies of the tickets with your PayPal receipt, on the night of your concert.

* Note:  If you are purchasing other ticket types, simply follow the same steps outlined above, for those transactions.  If you experience difficulties obtaining your printable ticket, or need more help for any reason, you may contact us at:, and someone will be in touch with you to help solve your issue.

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B.) If you do not wish to use the PayPal system to purchase your tickets, you may download our Tickets, Ads, and Donations form.

Our Tickets, Ads and Donations form is shown below. You may use this form to choose your selections, then mail it back to us with a check for the items you are purchasing.

*  Please Note:  This form is also used to make donations, as well as to submit payments for purchases of ad space in our concert programs.

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To purchase tickets using our TAD printable form, please download the form above by clicking on the green link.

• After downloading and saving our form, please select your concert choices and return the form to us by regular mail with your check.
• Please make sure you allow plenty of time for your order to be received during our Performing Season.
• Full Season Passes are typically purchased in the early fall, at the beginning of each Season.
• If you purchase tickets using our mail-in form, your tickets will be held at the door on the evening of each of the concerts you  attend.   
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C.) You may also purchase tickets through a Chorale member who you may know.

* Alternatively, you may also ask a Chorale member to purchase tickets for you.

* Finally, please make all checks payable to the “Northern Virginia Chorale,” (and not to the individual from whom you may have purchased your ticket).

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Thank you for purchasing tickets and attending our concerts!



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