The NVC presents "Joyful Spring Delights" Spring, 2018.
Female singers perform in pink and green sashes.
Close-up of Female Singers
Artistic Director, Bob Webb conducting
The Chorale onstage with Piano Accompaniment
Close-up of the Chorale
Female singers perform the West Side Story Suite
Soloist, Kimberly Amenabar
Kimberly Amenabar, Soloist
Male soloist performs in West Side Story
Featured Male Soloist in West Side Story
A Close-up of Male Singers, Stage Right
Male Singers

View of the full Chorale performing with green and pink sashes.

“Joyful Spring Delights”

The Chorale performed The West Side Story Suite by Leonard Bernstein, among other thoughtful pieces, during their April, 2018 “Joyful Spring Delights” concert featuring soloists in “America,” “I Feel Pretty,” and “Maria.” Other pieces performed included, “The Awakening̶” by Joseph Martin, and “Flight Song, a piece written as a gift to Dr. Anton Armstrong and the St. Olaf College Choir of Minnesota, by Kim Andre Arnesen. This piece was written for young musicians whose musical careers were just beginning, inspired by the wings of seabirds, as a metaphor for flight.

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